MFTU was Found on 11th October 2007, they have established reputation in the music industry by providing listeners with artists who regularly portrayed unprecedented talents.

This project aims to protect the development of music in the future by increasing the fate of people working in the music field by the spread of copyright infringement and various doubling of legality. This project provides a permanent solution to cracks that threaten the future of the music industry.

The MFTU project creates an online payment model that uses blockchain technology located on a distributed ethereum network. In order to facilitate the project, MFTU is supported by a dual token called “CYFM” (CyberFM). and reviewed information by colleagues around the world through a distributed ledger system. The dual-token ecosystem is named “MFTU” token “Underground main stream”.

Why Blockchain?

The block chain is an ideal choice for the MFTU project because, thanks to decentralized accounting functions, it is reliant on the distribution of royalties for the smoothness of ecosystems that MFTU wants to build, in addition, Blockchain has been tested for safety, efficiency and transparency, since it was first introduced in 2008 year.

Progress of the project

I took a report on the progress or progress of this project directly from the official website here: and here is the description that I summarize in my article:

Business plan:

The company is 10 years old and stands alone. In addition, the company also has large investors and consistent income each year.

User base:

If you are not a fan yet, you should visit CyberFM soon! Then download the application.

Customer base:

One of the reasons for this project: CyberFM becomes so crowded with the number of artists.

Mobile applications:

Available on the Google Play Store and, of course, the Apple App Store.

Special purse (wallet)

Register our wallet in Hexel. You get the additional benefit of being able to spend on tokens there, too.

Trading Internet

Token CYFM and MFTU can already be sold on several Exchange, here is the list of Exchange to dual token:


For more information :







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